Valandr-u00e9 Swing 500 NEO Sac de couchage L, red-/maroon

Valandru00e9 Swing 500 NEO Sac de couchage L, red/maroon

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Ugly duckling? Certainly not! The SWING 500 NEO is proof that duck down must not be frowned upon: it’s definitely sufficient to keep the dweller of this two-season bag comfortably warm at temperatures down to 20°F (-5C). Other warming features of this golden bag are a high quality zipper, fabric, craftsmanship and a basic baffle system.

Come to think of it – with its well-designed foot box, semi-elastic draft collar and tailored hoodin combination with a 3/4 Thermarest and professional base layer, the SWING 500 NEO can actually be used at temperatures as low as 20°F (-5C). And if you want to take it even further, just wrap up in the Bifrost down jacket and stay toastie in 14°F (-10°C).

Informations supplémentaires

  • Length outside: 230 cm
  • Shoulder width: 173 cm
  • Hips width: 150 cm
  • Feet width: 108 cm
  • Compressed volume: 7 L
  • 17 separate chambers
  • Formé anatomiquement
  • Zipper with down filled wind protection strip
  • Anatomical foot area (trapezoid)
  • Storage bag
  • Can be combined with these models: Swing, Chill Out, Bloody Mary




Sac de couchage

Catégorie : Sac de couchage en duvet
forme : Body shape (with arm & leg sections)



Fourchettes de températures

Température de confort (°C) : -0.1 °C
Température maximale : -5.7 °C
Température extrême : -23.2 °C


Matière extérieure : 100 % polyamide
Désignation de la matière extérieure : Polyamide Nylon 6-6 Mini Ripstop 40g / m² Asahi-KASEI
Rembourrage : Duvet de canard
Détails rembourrage : French duck down

Mélange de duvet (duvet / plumes)

90 / 10

Pouvoir gonflant (cuin)

700 cuin cuin


Sac de couchage : 1000 g
Rembourrage : 534 g


Taille recommandée (max.) : 200 cm



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